About MARBA!

Persatuan Penternak Arnab Malaysia (sejak 2009), also known as the Malaysian Association of Rabbit Breeders (since 2009) (Registration No. 2418-10-SEL, ARBA Charter No. G0893) was founded in 2009 and officially registered in Selangor in 2010.

  • To gather, move, foster and strengthen the relationship of goodwill, kindness, cooperation, understanding and well-being of our fellow members.
  • To help local rabbit industry to grow and develop by promotion, continuous education, research and networking.
    1. To become a platform to the exchange of knowledge among persons in the same or related industries in Malaysia.
    2. To contribute actively to the advancement of various branches of the rabbit industry.
    3. To be part of rabbit science network that cooperate with other organizations or associations around the globe.