Fabien Coisne founded HYCOLE in 1985 to specialize in the selection of the HYCOLE hybrid rabbit breed.

After obtaining an Engineering Degree in Agriculture & Feed Technology and 7 years experience in technical sales & distribution of animal feed for an international company, Fabien Coisne then decided to look into the advancement of genetics in rabbit breeding. In 1986, the HYCOLE genetics was created.

Currently, HYCOLE has 3 production sites in Nothern France with a capacity of 4000 breeding animals and an insemination centre to distribute semen of it’s male lines.

HYCOLE selects, reproduces and supplies hybrid breeding stock with high genetic and sanitary values, providing the best in technical and economical performances. The HYCOLE genetics has a full range of hybrid traits suitable for different purposes. HYCOLE as a company has strong Know-how as well as a powerful distribution network to ensure it’s worldwide presence.

Since it’s beginnings, HYCOLE has been a precursor in innovative techniques and is continuously working on quality improvement.

With it’s international distribution channel as well as 2 subsidiaries operating from Hungary and Russia, each year 20 million meat rabbits are produced worldwide with the HYCOLE genetics.